New season, new coach bring big changes for Women’s Lacrosse Club

Jared Stansbury;

There are very few ways for a club that can further improve its chances at success after winning a regional championship a year ago and returning 15 members of that team.

But the Women’s Lacrosse Club it was able to do just that by hiring its first coach in club history, Fern Kidder.

“We have been really wanting a coach for some time now,” said Corinne Buffington, club president. “It is really difficult to find a coach in the Ames area, or even Iowa, but we were very fortunate he reached out to us.”

Kidder came to the club by the way of Timber Creek High School in Orlando, Fla. Kidder was the coach at Timber Creek for four years and led the team to two Final Fours and one state championship appearance.

“After I moved to Iowa, I was really looking forward to helping the women’s lacrosse program anywhere,” Kidder said. “I was really lucky to get in touch with the girls here at Iowa State. I just want to help get the sport out there, I want to help bring it to the Midwest.”

One year ago, the club finished undefeated in both its fall and spring seasons. It was able to cap off the year by beating Arkansas to win a regional title.

Not only does the club usher in a new era by hiring Kidder, but they will also be joining the North Central Women’s Lacrosse League.

The league features teams from multiple states in the Midwest, including in-state rival Iowa.

“The Central Plains league was a really good starter league for us,” Buffington said. “It is a really big deal for us to join the North Central league.”

The club has been a fun way for one member of the club to just stay around a game they have played since high school.

“I played in high school and it was fun,” said Lauren Grotkin, club vice president. “I really like being a part of a club here. It is so fun to be able to travel, bond with your teammates and play the sport you love.”

The ultimate goal for the players is to make a run at nationals in Colorado Springs, Colo.

“To be able to play for a chance at nationals would be my ultimate goal,” Buffington said. “I want to just see us make a good transfer to the NCWLL and keep winning.”

For Kidder, the goals are much deeper.

“I want to lay a foundation for a great program here,” Kidder said. “I want the girls here now to look back and say: ‘I helped get that program going.’”