Eros, the Eschaton to play Maximum Ames Music Festival

Timothy Goldrick

Eros and the Eschaton have many Iowa ties. Lead live vocalist Adam Hawkins lived in Ames for five years, and guitarist Kate Perdoni gave birth in Iowa. But one thing they haven’t experienced is Maximum Ames Music Festival.

The band, who has been together since summer of 2010, looks to finish their cross-country tour the right way.

“For Maximum Ames we’ll be a noisy, swimmy pop band that sounds a lot like the album we recorded,” Perdoni said.

Eros and the Eschaton released their first album, “Home Address For Civil War”, in August. The self recorded album has heavy melodies, similar to M83, but is produced sharply. The band’s sound also has a futuristic sound to it. Yet even with music success Eros and the Eschaton has had, they are most thrilled with the label. The group is signed happily to Bar/None Records.

“We’re very lucky to be working with such an awesome label,” Perdoni said. “It has been a fantastic experience overall. Bar/None was such an inspirational label to me as a young adult working on music, so it means a lot to be able to work with them now.”

Although this is the last stop for Eros and Eschaton’s four-piece band tour, Perdoni and Hawkins plan on a duo tour in the few months following Maximum Ames. And even though the two have played in New York City and Chicago, they are not overlooking central Iowa.

“Ames is a cool place and a festival of this scope really showcases the awesome, creative environment the artists there have developed,” Perdoni said.

Eros and the Eschaton will play at 477 Douglas Ave. on Sept. 26.