TV Review: ‘Derek’


Derek” is a British television comedy-drama that is about a 49-year-old caretaker at a nursing home with a heart of gold.

The show originally aired in the United Kingdom in April 2012. For the first time, it has been made available to American viewers and many others around the world through Netflix. Streaming of the series became available on Netflix on Sept. 12.

The series follows Derek and his staff as they care for the elderly in the nursing home. There is really no plot or conflict and it makes for a very boring and monotonous storyline each episode.

It’s good to see the goodness in Derek’s characteristics as he interacts with his co-workers and the elderly residents. It makes you feel like there is still hope for the world and there truly are good people out there. It’s obvious how much Derek cares about the residents of the old folks’ home.

The series has a few comedic points in each episode, but overall it just was not very funny. The humor is very dry and lacks originality. You may find a few chuckles here and there if you are one that is easily entertained.

Although much of the media tends to portray Derek as being mentally disabled, Ricky Gervais (who plays Derek) has stated himself that it is not true. Although it might seem like he has some sort of disorder, Derek is just not very intelligent and has a low IQ.

If this sounds like something you may be into, give it a shot, but this show is not something for everyone. While I was watching the series, I couldn’t help but feeling that I wanted to turn it off and watch something else. Be warned.

“Derek” has already been renewed for a second season and is expected to hit the Netflix stream sometime later this year.