Getting the Green light: Senior soccer play ready to make a difference


ISU senior midfielder Erin Green attempts to pressure the Minnesota defense during Iowa State’s 1-0 loss to the Golden Gophers at the Cyclone Sports Complex on Sept. 1.

Alex Gookin

As Erin Green stepped off the field after a 2-0 win against Western Illinois earlier this season, there was no wiping the smile off her face.

The senior midfielder scored her second goal of the season in Iowa State’s third game, eclipsing her personal record of one goal in a season. The answer for how she was feeling was a simple one.

“It felt really good,” Green said with a laugh.

It is a feeling Green is hoping to get used to this season. 

After appearing in 56 games through her junior season, Green tallied three goals. Going into game five of her senior season, she is one goal from doubling that total.

“This year is a little different,” Green said. “I realized it’s my last chance to do anything I want to do for the team.”

ISU coach Wendy Dillinger also noticed the change in Green and has no problem with it.

“The biggest thing with Erin is that she has matured on the field,” Dillinger said. “I think she has finally arrived to that point in a number of areas, not just in scoring.”

The increased production from Green sets her apart as one of the many senior leaders on this season’s squad. One of those leaders knows Green more than just about anyone else does.

Senior goalkeeper Maddie Jobe has known Green since high school, with both Cyclone stars playing on the same club team. The connection changed the players from teammates to friends to now roommates of three years.

“We didn’t talk for a long time,” Jobe said. “One day we just started talking, and it was just jokes and everything, and now we are roommates.”

Although the two work in different roles on the team, they find ways to learn from each other. Jobe said using Green’s perspective as a midfielder helps her better defend against opponents. 

Off the field, Green described herself as laid-back, which was a theme among coaches and friends.

“She’s a laid back goof,” Jobe said of Green. “She’s a very unique person, and I think that’s why I get along with her very well. She’s focused and a good overall person.”

When it comes to play on the field, Dillinger is hoping to see improvement in getting Green the ball, whether it’s attacking the net or being there to assist the team. Dillinger hopes Green can become more vocal when she is open and demand the ball.

With only one more shot to make a difference before graduating, Green is giving it all she has.

“I want to make a difference throughout the whole year in every game,” Green said. “I want everyone reaching our goals, so I’m going to do everything I can to help with that.”