Memorial Union hosts annual art lending program

Each August, the Memorial Union holds its annual art lending event. Interested patrons can choose to rent any of the nearly 175 pieces of art offered, which include framed posters, prints, and original art. The art can be rented for either a semester or year and prices range from $10-$25.

Brandon Friederich

It’s becoming more evident around campus that a new school year is about to begin. As new leases took effect Aug. 1, students began flocking back to the Iowa State campus to move into their dorms, apartments and houses.

While some are struggling to find furniture and other basic essentials, others who are father along in the move-in process are looking for ways to enhance the decor of their new homes.

Posters, sports paraphernalia, and vintage signs might be go-to choices for many students because they are inexpensive and readily available decorations. However, the Iowa State Fine Arts program offers students the alternative option of renting artwork from Iowa State’s art lending program at a relatively affordable price. 

All of the art available comes matted, framed, and ready to hang. With prices ranging from $8-$15 per semester, and $15-$30 per year, renters are paying much less for artwork valued anywhere from $60-$150. 

The 175-piece collection features famous prints from multiple eras of classical art, as well as originals by local artists and Iowa State Students. The collection was on display Aug. 7-8 during the art lending program’s annual open house.

Fine arts major Guillermo Thompson and industrial design major Emma Caster, both seniors from the college of design, volunteered to supervise the event. 

“Classics by famous artists, such as Manet and Seurat, are the most popular,” Thompson said, “…but two of the 30 pieces we’ve rented have been from local artists.” 

While the classics gained the most attention, students like junior Taylor Sanderson had less discriminating artistic tastes. 

“I’m just looking for something thought-provoking to put on the wall in the living room,” Sanderson said.

Students who missed the open house can still schedule a time to view the artwork by contacting Fine Arts Coordinator Letitia Kenemer at 515.294.0971 or [email protected].