Yamada: ‘We are visual people’

Over the summer, I was given the chance to further explore my interest in photography and gave me the chance to develop my passion. 

Caitlin Yamada

When I started college, I had no idea what I wanted to do. After jumping from major to major, trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I decided to take a journalism class. 

This last minute choice has led me to have unforgettable experiences and create lifelong friendships. 

The Iowa State Daily has seen some of my best days in college and some of the worst. The long and late nights have helped me form some of closest friendships I have ever had and as reinvigorated my love for the high pace work environment that is journalism.

Even though I love writing and reporting, the last year I have been working to improve my visuals skills. Doing this I have found a new passion being about to show stories, not just tell them.

Visual journalism is extremely important as we are visual creatures. Photos and videos add a depth to stories that helps people connect to what they are reading and gives the opportunity for one to feel as if they were there experiencing the moment.

Here are a few photos of my visual experiences as a journalist.