New leader of School of Education announced

Madison Martin

The Iowa State University School of Education has a new leader.

John Schuh, former professor and chair of educational leadership and policies studies, was named the new director of the School of Education starting July 1.

Schuh will continue to serve in his role as the program director for the Emerging Leader’s Academy, where he has been since January. 

Schuh has many goals for the school itself, the faculty and the students. 

“The school is very young. I think among the things I hope to accomplish is to build on the momentum established during this current physical year in helping school sort out the many administrative and academic challenges it will have to face,” Schuh said.

“Also making sure the quality of education students receive is at the highest level. I’m always interested in making sure the level of scholarship and creative activity of faculty and students is at the highest level.”

Schuh plans to achieve success in his goals “through consultation with faculty and the department, communication with students and graduates and also by conversations with stakeholders of the school.”

Schuh also mentioned he has an opportunity to review historical documents and other materials to help him gain an understanding of the development of the school in the past year.

Schuh will serve his role as director for up to two years, while a permanent director is found.