Hinder will bring two bands to Val Air Ballroom

Jenna Miller

Rock band Hinder is coming to West Des Moines’ Val Air Ballroom, Sunday, June 16.

This summer, the Oklahoma based band will be touring the country, promoting their newest album, “Welcome to the Freakshow,” which came out December 4, 2012.

Hinder’s drummer, Cody Hanson, discussed the album title in a previous interview on their website. “There’s something strange about everyone’s life or situation…The freaks make the world interesting though,” Hanson said.

The band’s 4th album includes 11 songs, featuring the first single, “Save Me,” which released on August 30th.

According to an interview with Billboard, the band’s lead singer, Austin Winkler, stated that the album was recorded while “[He] was in a very, very, very dark addiction.” He also states in the interview that, “as soon as we got the record done [he] went into treatment to get help.”

The tour starts off in Kokomo, IN on June 11, and the band’s 5th stop will take place in West Des Moines.

Joining Hinder this summer are bands Acidic and Devour the Day.

Acidic is a rock group from Southern California. They have recently put out their 4th album as well, entitled “Copper Man.” The band is no stranger to tours. In the past they have performed with Candlebox, Fuel, Alien Ant Farm, and Hawthorne Heights, just to name a few. After their 2011 album, “Chronic Satisfaction,” they were named one of “12 Bands to Watch in 2012” by Music Reviews.

Devour the Day came out of the band Egypt Central. The 2 main members, John Falls and Jeff James, formed the band in December 2012. This spring they released their first album together, “Time and Pressure.” Later in the summer, they will tour with Sevendust.

Ticket prices for this event vary. Fans can either pay the $21 for general admission, or they can pay $70 for reserved box seats. Fans going to the show can even upgrade their tickets for  the VIP package for $50. This package won’t get fans in the concert. Because of this, everyone interested should make sure the actual tickets are purchased before the show. 

The VIP package allows fans to potentially meet the band, and maybe get a photo. They will receive a poster autographed by Hinder, a laminated VIP pass and lanyard.