Veishea 2013: Tristan Prettyman

Dominic Spizzirri

Singer-songwriter Tristan Prettyman will perform for Veishea for the second time this year on April 18, 2013.

Growing up in San Diego, Prettyman started playing guitar at 16 and found herself playing shows just four years later.

“I started playing guitar by accident,” Prettyman said. “I was taught at 16 and started playing shows when I was 20. I was in junior college and my parents went to one of my shows and said I could just go into music.”

Prettyman’s first recording, “This Love EP” was released in 2003 and was followed by 2005’s “Twentythree.” Prettyman spent a lot of time touring before releasing her third record “Hello” (also known as “Hello…x”) which landed the number two position on the iTunes Digital Albums chart. 

For two years Prettyman toured in support for “Hello,” headlining tours in the U.S., Europe and Japan.

After the tours, Prettyman took an extended break which lead to the events that inspired her third album “Cedar + Gold.”

Prettyman went through an engagement and then a divorce, as well as traveled the world. 

Through the break Prettyman began to question herself in music and whether she wanted to continue.

“It was a journey really about finding myself. Doing things in life that knocked me down, getting vocal surgery and getting engaged and it not working out with it all being close to one another; those two things broke all the walls down and allowed me to get into myself,” Prettyman said.

“Cedar + Gold” also features a landmark in Prettyman’s career with songs from that album being featured in the 2013 film “Safe Haven.”

“When you get a song in a movie or a commercial it is great. For me I am just grateful it happens,” Prettyman said.

Her Veishea performance will also be a new experience for fans for this is a tour of a three-piece featuring Prettyman and two other guitarists.

After  10 years of recording and performing Prettyman looks forward to the future to continue shaping her as a musician.

“It has been great, I look at it like an opportunity. I do not have expectations for it. Getting to tour, doing something that I love for a living is definitely a blessing,” Prettyman said.

Prettyman also assures fans they can look forward to many more albums as well as music in the future.