Iowa Music Store still going strong

Dominic Spizzirri

In September 2012, the Iowa Music Store opened and was founded by Caleb Swank with connection to the Maximum Ames Records. Since then, the Iowa Music Store has grown outside just its website home and has landed locations throughout Iowa.

Through all the work that the store has done in connection with the bands it supports, the Iowa Music Store has brought more than $1,300 to bands.

The store has opened temporary physical locations at Mission Creek Music Festival, with Revival (Magazine) Clothing, the Gross Domestic Product Music Festival by the Des Moines Music Coalition, and Maximum Ames Music Festival.

“We have a lot of people return and comeback as well as new people. Some people will come in and say, ‘Oh, I like all of these bands,’ and will end up buying a lot, and then we see them again and again,” Swank said.

The Iowa Music Store continues with its goal of bringing more relevance to the music scene.

For future plans of the store, Swank said the store is on a current correct path and sees it staying on that path for the time.

“We are working on pop-up stores right now and getting new inventory,” Swank said. “As for opening a physical store, it is off on the horizon, but we are in no rush.”