Rebel rockers The Maine to play Live @ Veishea

Maggie Mcginity

American rock band The Maine’s sound is “an ever-evolving thing,” said Pat Kirch, The Maine’s drummer, who co-founded the band with bassist Garrett Nickelsen in November 2006.

“With every album that we’ve put out, I think we’ve gone in different directions,” Kirch said. “I think it’s just been a natural progression, but the aim is just to be a rock band.”

The Maine found early success, becoming a part of Warner Bros Records in 2007. During this time, it released two full-length albums, “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” (2008) and “Black and White” (2010). 

Despite their name on a major label, The Maine did not take its success for granted, nor did it become a sellout. Kirch said when The Maine and its record label had creative differences about the direction its third album (“Pioneer,” released in 2011) should go, The Maine recorded the album its own way in secret, then told the label that it could release the album as is or let The Maine go.

“We fought really hard on our last album to get off of the label that we were on, so that we could record the album that we wanted to put out, as opposed to having to conform to what the record label wanted to do,” Kirch said.

“I think it’s just been a thing all throughout our career; we just haven’t stopped making sacrifices and working hard and doing whatever it takes to be able to continue to do this and to do it on our own terms.”

Kirch said breaking from mainstream values and motivations is not a problem for The Maine.

“You see just so many people … just doing things to get a check … for us, we just kind of have a stance where we’re gonna do what we wanna do and the things that make us happy, regardless of if that’s the thing that’s gonna make the most money,” Kirch said.

The Maine is also taking new risks and trying new techniques in the studio. On their fourth album, due in June, they recorded live-to-tape. Kirch said the music will be untouched and unedited.

“What I think is kind of wrong with what’s happening with rock bands right now is that it’s all just being fixed and edited in the computer, and that takes away the energy and the spirit in the song,” Kirch stated. “So we’re just trying to keep that in the music.”

Outside of the studio, The Maine has been touring for the better part of the last four years, Kirch said. With all that stage time, the members have become experienced live performers, but keep their focus on the audience.

“I think seeing people’s reactions to the music is great, whether it’s good or bad,” Kirch said.

Kirch hopes that ISU students will come to The Maine’s Live @ Veishea performance on April 19, 2013, “with open ears.” He shared some exciting news about the band’s plans for this concert.

“I believe this show in Iowa will be the first time that we’ll perform a brand-new song,” Kirch said.