Joynt: Feedly picks up 500K Google Reader users

Jordan Joynt

With recent news that Google will be shutting down Google Reader for good on July 1, over 500,000 users have switched over to news aggregator, Feedly.

Google Senior Vice President Urs Holzle reported the company’s decision to end the service after a decline in usage over the years. Users are able to migrate their content to other RSS services with Google Takeout before the July 1 deadline.

In a blog post, Feedly states they will be adding new servers and features to support the growing community. The growth of community members over the course of 48 hours resulted in the app reaching #1 in the iTunes app store.

Feedly provides a few tips for newcomers migrating their Google Reader feeds into the Feedly interface. The app’s feeds can be condensed or displayed in card view for more visual articles with additional preference knobs for auto-mark as read, link colors, default view, etc.

As far as switching over from Google Reader to Feedly is concerned, users can simply sign in using their Google account and preserve all Reader feeds associated with their account.

The Feedly service organizes several news and blog sites into one curation tool, also giving the option for tagging, sharing and shortcut features. Articles and blog posts can be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Evernote, Pinterest or LinkedIn.

Feedly is available on iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox and Safari and can be synced with your phone, tablet and computer.