Cyclone Spotlight: Tabitha Jamerson

Dominic Spizzirri

Tabitha Jamerson, a junior majoring in advertising, is a late night DJ for KURE 88.5 from 10 p.m. until midnight Mondays.

How did you get started in KURE?

I first heard about it when I was a freshman, and I just kind of listened to it. I really liked what I was hearing, so the next fall, my best friend and I got DJ applications then we actually ended up doing marketing and stuff for the radio station.

How does it work working late shift?

Every DJ is assigned a shift, you only have to do it for a minimum of 1 hour a week. Our current show is two hours, every Monday from 10 till midnight and that’s the only time that we are on the air just because there’s so many DJs and everybody needs their time throughout the week. 

What is your show?

My show is called, ‘Staircase Wit.’ Like I said, it’s shared with my roommate. Our DJ names are DJ Revelry and DJ Penumbra; I’m DJ Revelry.

What kind of music do you play?

Generally indie and alternative type stuff; we tend to get a little dancey occasionally because we’re later at night, feel like we can get away with that. We occasionally toss in ’80s and ’90s music, kind of whatever we’re feeling. A little bit of everything.

Does your station get a lot of attention?

On occasion, yeah, if people call and ask us about songs, like requests maybe every once in a blue moon. We have a Facebook page a lot of people will talk to us on and like our stuff. And that’s where we get most of the people from conversation-wise.

How many people follow you?

A lot of it is just our friends, honestly, because we have a Facebook and we post it on our personal Facebooks as well. I would say maybe like 30 at max. I don’t really know. We don’t have a way to know how many people are listening.

Does it affect your schoolwork?

Time-commitment-wise it’s not really that bad. Because you’re only here two hours a week, and I typically put my playlist together the day of my show. How we do it is we just divide up each hour. I do one hour and then Molly will do the second hour, and it takes me about an hour to [put] a playlist together, so that doesn’t really take that long. And then, just being involved with the station I’ve met a lot of cool people. One of my really good friends is the programming director. It’s a good way to meet people, and you get free music.