GSB unanimously passes ‘Supporting Public Safety’ resolution

Charles O'Brien

The Government of the Student Body unanimously passed a resolution called “Supporting Public Safety” on Jan. 16.

“Supporting Public Safety” requests the State of Iowa, the Iowa Board of Regents and the ISU administration budget funds necessary for the ISU Police to purchase equipment, training and infrastructure pursuant.

The resolution, according to the bill’s author Sen. Barry Snell, came about after a conversation pertaining to the Sandy Hook shooting with an ISU police officer. Snell stated the police department works as an independent department and has a very limited budget for new equipment and training.

Snell called this resolution “an intermediated step” and stated a few items the police department was looking to purchase with the funding.

Personal first aid kits for trauma injuries are on the police department’s wish list. The department is also looking to send four of its officers through school shooting training, which would cost $600 per officer.