Isaac’s Fantasy Football Corner – Week 15

Isaac Hunt

Week 15 tip: Take a break from studying to set your lineups. No bubble sheets to fill out or flash cards to study from. Just defensive matchups and rankings.

En Fuego: Drew Brees. I’m predicting a 30-plus point game for Brees. He is facing the league’s 32nd-ranked passing defense (by yards) in Tampa Bay and rookie Nick Foles proved last week that this defense is weak.

Heated: Kirk Cousins. If RGIII is out with a knee sprain, expect a lot out of Cousins. He already proved himself last week with late-game heroics against Baltimore and this week Washington faces Cleveland. Cousins is going to work hard to make his resume shine and try to land on another team next season.

Chilled: Andrew Luck. The Indianapolis Colts are about to face the wrath of Wade Phillips and the Houston Texans’ defense. The Texans aren’t about to look like fools two weeks in a row.

Frigid: St. Louis D/ST. The Rams have allowed an average of 14 points per game the last three weeks, but if Adrian Peterson keeps eating up yards that average could double.

Week 15 random fact: Believe it or not most employers place grade point average over winning a fantasy football championship. So get your team ready and get back to studying. Then have doubts and reset your lineup.