Cyclone Spotlight: Sam Thompson


Sam Thompson

Cole Komma

Sam Thompson, sophomore in journalism and mass communication, will soon be changing positions amongst his peers in SUB. Next semester, Thompson will become co-Maintenance Shop director with George Potter. Like his brother, Alec Thompson, he works with the film and Maintenance Shop committees of SUB, Thompson also wishes to pursue his love of film and immerses himself in the various genres of film.

Q: How did you first get involved with SUB?

A: My brother was involved in SUB, and he recommended it to me. So I joined SUB, joined the films and M-shop committees.

Q: Why did you choose the films and M-shop committees?

A: I’ve always been really big into film, and that’s what I’m going into as my career. So I thought not only was that the most comfortable situation, but it’s also what I’ll be doing with my career. And with the M-shop, I love music; I wanted to be involved with more than just film.

Q: How did the process for you to become co-director of the M-shop start?

A: You have to go through an application process, and you submit what spots you would like to be a part of. Then you have an interview process with some of the outgoing directors of the activities programs like George Micalone and Jim Brockpahler. And they select whom they want from there.

Q: Are things going to change in the M-shop with you as co-director?

A: No, nothing really big will change. But you’re always looking to better the committee when you’re put into that situation.

Q: What can the students expect from SUB next semester?

A: [The entertainment] is going to be a little bit more crispy because I prefer my SUB’s toasted.