Cyclone swimming and diving wraps up fall with rivalry

Kristin Peterson

As many eyes turn to the match-up in women’s and men’s basketball, the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series goes beyond the courts and to the pools.

As the fall season ends for swimming and diving, Iowa and Iowa State face off in Iowa City on Friday.

“This kind of will wrap up our fall season, since we have finals next week, so along with being a great rivalry it will serve as a great test of where they are at and all the work they have put in fall semester,” said coach Kelly Nordell.

The ISU swimming and diving team is 2-2 for dual meets this far in the season and this will be the last meet before it takes a break before heading on its winter training trip.

Iowa State hopes to prove itself in its last meet of the fall season against Iowa, which should be tough competition.

“As usual, they are a very good team, very strong team,” Nordell said. “So, we will definitely have to swim well and dive well against them.”

Iowa, which had its invitational last weekend at which the ISU diving team competed, will now face the ISU swimming team as well.

“They are a very good program; they had their Hawkeye Invitational this past weekend and swam really fast, so it should be a great chance for our women to step up and compete against a top-level team,” said coach Duane Sorenson.

To prepare for this rivalry meet, Nordell said the swim team has been working on speed, details and “fine-tuning.”

The divers, who competed in the Iowa Invitational last weekend, look forward to facing the Hawkeyes again in a different type of meet.

“The Iowa City meet coming up is a little different than these [larger] meets,” said diving coach Jeff Warrick.

Warrick and his divers, who were disappointed in the role nerves and excitement played in day one of the invitational, hope that the shorter, smaller meet will play to their advantage.

“We are [going to work] on managing emotion,” Warrick said.

The swimmers and divers will compete at 6 p.m. for their piece of the Cy-Hawk series. Iowa State hopes to show Iowa a tough meet from start to finish.

“We’re just going to try to sharpen up everything that we are doing because the faces always come down to a couple of tenths or a couple hundredths of a second,” Sorenson said. “We have to do every thing right from our starts, to our turns, to our finishes.”