ISU Boxing Club, Dave Glenn prepare for New York


Photo: Huiling Wu/ Iowa State Daily

Boxer Dave Glenn practices Monday, Nov. 12, at State Gym with his coach for his march coming up in New York. Glenn has been chosen by New York City Athletic Club as one of the top two boxers in his weight class.

Isaac Hunt

One of the most common answers athletes can feed to the media and others is “hard work and dedication.” But when Dave Glenn said it, he meant it.

After only a short period of time, Glenn has been chosen by the New York City Athletic Club as one of the top-two boxers in his weight class. He is set to compete against last year’s national champion Nov. 19.

Glenn is only in his second year of boxing after he and a friend decided to give it a try at the ISU Boxing Club.

“Since then I’ve been coming in here every day, listening to coach and trying to give back to everyone what he has given me,” Glenn said.

Joining the boxing club at Iowa State should come with small print saying “results not typical.” At least not results like this.

“To be at this level in his second year is quite an accomplishment,” said coach Jon Swanson. “His work ethic is phenomenal, and he’s just on fire for this. We’re really looking forward to competing for the national championship this year with Dave, as well.”

This isn’t quite the national championship, but it’s close. The event Glenn is training for takes the top two boxers from each weight class.

Swanson fully expects a sellout for the event. This is also the first time Iowa State has been invited.

A fellow boxer and teammate Joe Reeves said Glenn is the hardest worker on the team.

“He comes in 110 percent even on days that he had a bad day at school or a bad day at work; he’ll come in here, and it’s boxing time,” Reeves said. “He’s ready to go all the time.”

The work ethic has gotten Glenn this far, but in order to knock off the reigning champion, he has been improving mentally as well.

“He’s gotten smarter,” Swanson said. “We work on a lot of different skills, but now he’s getting smarter at applying those skills in the ring. General muscle memory things are improving.”

Strategy is something that will come into play in this boxing matchup as Glenn and his coach review film of their competition, a Navy Seal that Swanson was told by the Air Force coach is a “tough customer.” 

“It’s shown me exactly what I need to work on,” Glenn said. “When I first started with all these fights around here, you go in and it’s just ‘alright this guy is going to push you as hard as possible,’ but you have no real intellect at how he’s going to come at you.”

Glenn continued to say that having film has brought life to everything his competition might possibly do. He’s preparing for more than just what the film shows but having a good foundation is key.

Not only is this a big step in Glenn’s career, a word he laughed at, but this is also an experience he is looking forward to.

“I’m antsy,” Glenn said. “I’ve never been to New York before. It’s going to be a blast being under the big lights of New York City — just wow.”

No matter what the results are, there is no question everyone at Iowa State is expecting a close match.

“There’s no comparison to everyone I’ve seen,” Reeves said. “On the amateur level he’d be dominant, and I think he’s ready for the next level.”

Glenn wasn’t as willing to talk himself up as others, but he knows he is ready, and there is no ounce of quit in him.

“I’m expecting a balls to the wall fight the whole entire time,” Glenn said. “Which guy is going to give up first [and] which guy is going to break first. And I know that’s not going to be me.”

His coach, who Glenn credits his success to, had a little more confidence in his athlete.

“I expect to win,” Swanson said. “He’s in top shape. He wants it. And I believe he’s going to win.”

Swanson also knows what Dave Glenn is up against.

“It’s not going to be a cakewalk,” Swanson said.