Isaac’s Fantasy Football Corner — Week 13

Isaac Hunt

Week 13 tip: New England free agents can be tempting, especially with the team’s injuries. But be careful this close to the playoffs; risks don’t always equal rewards. Plus Tom Brady looks awful in those UGG commercials.

Let’s look at some better advertising.

En fuego: Greg Jennings. He’s back. And he writes himself an inspirational note every morning. Wow!

Heated: Peyton Manning. Tampa Bay has the league’s worst passing defense. Orange barrel, reroute.

Chilled: Drew Brees. The Falcons’ only loss came against the Saints. Atlanta is not going to forget what happened in week 10, and they are a top-15 passing defense. Brees may be telling his team: “Back up. I’m stuck. The gate is narrow.”

Frigid: Packers D/ST. Adrian Peterson averaged 5.9 yards per carry against Green Bay last season. With Christian Ponder becoming more comfortable with the offense, this game is going to be high-scoring on both ends. Show me whatcha got, whatcha got Raji.

Week 13 random fact: Carolina plays Kansas City this week. The Chiefs have the fewest pass attempts against them, but have allowed the third most passing TDs. Play 60 minutes a day so you can make Panther fans forget about Cam Newton.