Fantasy Football Corner — Week 10

Isaac Hunt

Week 10 tip: Patience is a virtue, even in fantasy football. Be patient with players who have proven themselves in previous seasons. Don’t get too trade- or drop-happy with players like Maurice Jones-Drew or Jordy Nelson.

En fuego: Willis McGahee. The Panthers are 20th in rushing defense. Peyton Manning will help McGahee run out the clock early in the fourth quarter.

Heated: Torrey Smith. The Oakland defense is lacking to say the least. Smith will produce some big plays this week. And the way Baltimore has been playing lately, the game will stay close, which means more passing.

Chilled: The Jets. It doesn’t matter if they are coming off of a bye week when they are going to play in the loudest outdoor stadium in the league at Seattle.

Frigid: Bears D/ST. The No. 1 defense hosts Houston, but the Texans’ offense will show where their weaknesses are in this overrated defense.

Week 10 random fact: Doug Martin’s 51 points is ranked in the top five fantasy performances of all time behind Clinton Portis (54), Shaun Alexander (52), and Michael Vick and Mike Anderson (49). Hopefully Martin turns out better than some others on that list.