Gridiron Picks — Week 10

Jake Calhoun, sports editor (33-30)

Dean Berhow-Goll, assistant sports editor (38-25)

Alex Halsted, assistant sports editor (36-27)

Stephen Koenigsfeld, sports online editor (43-20)

Guest Pick: Huiling Wu, ISD photo editor (31-25)


Oklahoma vs. Iowa State

Jake Calhoun: Oklahoma — Steele Jantz looked good against the nation’s worst defense last week. That’s like making honor roll in kindergarten.

Dean Berhow-Goll: Oklahoma — Two losses to top-four teams means these guys are underrated. Sorry Jack Trice.

Alex Halsted: Oklahoma — The Cyclones will get bowl eligible this season, but it’ll probably have to wait at least another week.

Stephen Koenigsfeld: Oklahoma — I just don’t see “Sweet Caroline” being so sweet on Saturday afternoon.

Huiling Wu: Iowa State — Miracles can happen in the Cyclones nation!

No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 5 LSU

Calhoun: Alabama — Honey Badger still doesn’t care, which is why he’s not on the team anymore.

Berhow-Goll: Alabama — The Tide are like the Kentucky of basketball. It’s not going to happen.

Halsted: Alabama — The Tide have dominated every single opponent. So, again: Roll Tide.

Koenigsfeld: LSU — The buck stops here. Alabama gets its first real road test this weekend against the hungry Tigers.

Wu: Alabama — Elephant is the cutest animal in the world!

No. 2 Oregon vs. No. 18 USC

Calhoun: Oregon — Surprise surprise, Lane Kiffin and his bro quarterback have failed to live up to expectations yet again.

Berhow-Goll: Oregon — This might be the first time Oregon actually has to play four quarters.

Halsted: Oregon — The Trojans are a step up from Colorado (which apparently has football?), but Lane Kiffin’s team hasn’t been great.

Koenigsfeld: Oregon — The Ducks will play the first three quarters, followed by a band of Duck mascots finishing the fourth.

Wu: Oregon — Oregon is pretty, I like there!

No. 16 Texas A&M vs. No. 17 Mississippi State

Calhoun: Texas A&M — Compared to Johnny Manziel, Ryan Tannehill plays football just like his hot wife.

Berhow-Goll: Texas A&M — Johnny-Football pandemonium continues.

Halsted: Texas A&M — No “12th Man” for the Aggies, but they’ve been on a roll as of late.

Koenigsfeld: Texas A&M — Maybe the best game a college football fan could watch Saturday. Aggies by three.

Wu: Mississippi State — Nobody says Mississippi, I feel bad for them.

Texas vs. No. 20 Texas Tech

Calhoun: Texas Tech — The veins that pop out of Mack Brown’s forehead in anger are easily visible on the Longhorn Network.

Berhow-Goll: Texas — Upset city! Give me some David Ash!

Halsted: Texas Tech — Texas looked bad against Kansas, so I’m going with the Red Raiders.

Koenigsfeld: Texas Tech — My reasoning is the same as Alex’s. He just got his pick in before I did.

Wu: Texas — My reasoning is the same as Stephen’s. He just got his pick in before I did.

TCU vs. No. 23 West Virginia

Calhoun: West Virginia — Fun fact: WVU fans have the same attitude toward couches as Rick James did.

Berhow-Goll: West Virginia — I’d really like for Geno Smith to get back on a roll here. His NFL stock depends on it.

Halsted: West Virginia — A matchup of the newcomers. West Virginia’s offense begins to rebound after a week off.

Koenigsfeld: West Virginia — I can’t imagine too many TCU fans making the trip. It was 55 degrees on Oct. 6 and fans were bundled up.

Wu: TCU — TCU can be harder for mountaineers to conquer than hurricanes.

Kansas vs. Baylor

Calhoun: Baylor — Hey Charlie, the student newspaper was right: Your team is awful.

Berhow-Goll: Baylor — A game between two of the top teams in the conference, oh wait it’s not basketball season yet.

Halsted: Baylor — The Bears get their first Big 12 victory and Charlie Weis remains angry.

Koenigsfeld: Baylor — The Jayhawks will get a conference victory. It just may have to wait until basketball season.

Wu: Kansas — I really don’t know football, I don’t know why I am the guest for the last Gridiron Picks.