Oklahoma match has big implications for Cyclones


Photo: Manfred Brugger/Iowa State Daily

Emily Goldstein throws the ball inbounds against Northern Illinois.

Maddy Arnold

The ISU soccer team has a chance to go to the Big 12 tournament for the first time since 2007. The team’s postseason hopes all come down to its final game against Oklahoma.

Iowa State (10-9, 1-6 Big 12) is set to take on Oklahoma (6-8-4, 2-3-2) on Friday at the Cyclone Sports Complex.

“We are going to have to be on top of our game mentally, make good decisions and take care of the ball,” said ISU Head Coach Wendy Dillinger.

The Cyclones are currently in last place in the Big 12, but with a win on Friday and a loss or tie by TCU, they can take the last spot in the eight-team tournament.

“We’re hoping to win this Friday — and win big — and come out and just play like we have nothing to lose,” said Emily Goldstein, a junior midfielder. “Hopefully, everything works out to where we get to go to the Big 12 tournament.”

Iowa State’s final game will not be an easy one. The Cyclones will face a goalkeeper with the most saves in the Big 12 and an athlete with the second-most goals in the conference.

OU senior goalkeeper Kelsey Devonshire is averaging more than five saves per game, which is good for first in the Big 12.

“When a goalie is leading the Big 12 in saves, it obviously shows that defensively they’re not able to stop the shots,” Goldstein said. “So, I think that’s a good thing for us because I think we’re good up top. We can break through the defense.”

OU senior forward Renae Cuellar has 11 goals and one assist on the season. She is second only to ISU junior forward Jennifer Dominguez with 14 goals in the Big 12.

“We’ve gone up against a lot of good forwards — good attacking players — this year,” Dominguez said. “I have all the faith and all the confidence in our defensive line that they’re going to put us up there.”

If the Cyclones beat Oklahoma on Friday and make it to the Big 12 tournament, they will begin play Wednesday, Oct. 31. Iowa State would face the No. 1 seeded West Virginia, which they lost to earlier in the season 3-2.