Isaac’s Fantasy Football Corner – Week 7

Isaac Hunt

Week seven tip: If you are in a league with other college students, trade negotiations over texts can be key in getting things done quickly. Here are some texts I imagine happened this weekend.

En fuego: Andrew Luck. Reggie Wayne: “The Browns are 30th in the league in passing.” Andrew: “Haha. I know. I’m starting you in my fantasy league this week.” Reggie: “Twinsies!”

Heated: Brandon Lloyd. Josh McDaniels: “You gotta start throwing the ball to my boy Brandon more, Tommy B.” Wes Welker: “Coach, you have the wrong number.”

Chilled: Dez Bryant. Miles Austin: “Hasn’t Dez caused enough problems this year?” Tony Romo: “Jerry is telling me to say no.” Miles: “Text me later when he isn’t around.” Tony: “Lol. All right.”

Frigid: Ravens D/ST. Ray Lewis: “Hey, Ed. You’re going to have to step it up this week with me and Ladarius Webb out for the rest of the year.” Ed Reed: “Can we just retire now?”

Week seven random fact: Chris Johnson hasn’t rushed for more than 90 yards in back-to-back games since week 12 and 13 last season.