Greeks bring awareness to sustainability

Meredith Whitlock

Greeks Go Green was started by Brian Skalak as an idea to bring awareness to different ways to save money. While serving as treasurer at Sigma Pi fraternity, Brian took initiative in looking into ways to cut house costs, such as energy use and efficiency. He extended this thought to the rest of the greek community and partnered with Taylor Gaffney, now president of Sigma Kappa sorority, to enact a sustainable group in the greek community. The brainstorming and planning for the group started last spring, and this fall has come into full action by kicking off their first event, a campus cleanup of Lake LaVerne on Sept. 23.

Although the title reads “greeks,” Skalak and Gaffney do not want to restrict the club to just members of the greek community.

“It is more of an outside organization that encourages the greek community to be aware of the opportunities there are to make a difference,” Skalak said. With about 75 people participating in their first cleanup of Lake LaVerne both co-partners were very happy with the outcome.

Goals for the future are to focus on diverse areas of sustainability, from cleanups to recycling, and to form a consistent structure for the club. Skalak and Gaffney are excited for the year’s upcoming activities and say the club’s members have several ideas they are looking into for the future.

Their next big event will be teaming with another campus organization, Closets Collide, to do a clothing swap Nov. 4 at the Memorial Union. At the event, people are encouraged to come and bring old clothes to donate and swap.

Greeks Go Green encourages anyone to come and participate, and if anyone is interested in joining their club, members meet Wednesday nights at the Memorial Union.