Isaac’s Fantasy Football Corner — Week 9

Isaac Hunt

Week nine tip: Trading is like dating. You have to woo your partner, but you cannot show all of your cards on the first date. If you’re good you might get lucky on the third.

En fuego: Washington fans. Seeing Cam Newton and RG3 battle it out has to be one of the most entertaining games of the season. Carolina is 21st in scoring defense while Washington is 28th.

Heated: Matthew Stafford. Whoopi Goldberg has left The View to film a new movie: “How Stafford Got His Groove Back.” Never seen the original, but I assume it has something to do with Jacksonville being terrible.

Chilled: Ryan Mathews. Mathews ran for 61 yards last time he faced the Chiefs, and he has yet to hit the century mark.

Frigid: Green Bay fans. Right now it looks like rain — doesn’t fare well for the fans or Aaron Rodgers. And surprisingly enough, Arizona ranks first in sacks and fifth in passes deflected.

Week nine random fact: The New Orleans Saints have a 6-0 record on Monday night games in the last three seasons. They currently rank first in passing, 32nd in rushing, 30th in passing defense and 31st in rushing defense. High points for Saints and Eagles.