Isaac’s Fantasy Football Corner — Week 5

Isaac Hunt

Week five tip: Don’t get smart with me. Or your team. Sitting Brees, Brady, Rodgers, Foster, Rice, Gronk and others is not a wise choice in any situation apart from a bye week, even if your backup is playing New Orleans or Tennessee. Overthinking is always bad. Always.

En fuego: Reggie Bush (knee) was not bad against the outstanding Texans’ defense last week and will be in much better shape heading into Cincinnati.

Heated: The Brady/Manning rivalry is back in full swing (do not worry Tom, it is not Eli). Expect both of them to play at high levels.

Chilled: Kansas City WRs, apart from Dwayne Bowe. The Ravens’ passing defense has not yet been impressive. Baltimore will step it up, but Bowe will find some openings and have an average game.

Frigid: Rashard Mendenhall (expected to return from injury) and other Pittsburgh RBs will have a hard time finding pay dirt against Philadelphia. The Eagles have not allowed a running back to score this season.

Week five random fact: Kyle Orton was in Monday night’s game for three minutes and scored more fantasy points than Tony Romo. Cowboys have a bye week, so the change may not be permanent.