Gridiron Picks — Week 5

Jake Calhoun, sports editor (17-11)

Dean Berhow-Goll, assistant sports editor (19-9)

Alex Halsted, assistant sports editor (17-11)

Stephen Koenigsfeld, sports online editor (19-9)

Guest Pick: Kevin Jackson, ISU wrestling coach (15-6)


Texas Tech vs. Iowa State

Jake Calhoun: Iowa State — Paul Rhoads is 2-0 against the Red Raiders, and third time won’t be a charm for them.

Dean Berhow-Goll: Iowa State — Tech is high-powered but hasn’t faced a defense like Iowa State yet.

Alex Halsted: Iowa State — Last season Iowa State failed to advance to 4-0 against Texas. This season it seems they’ll be better prepared.

Stephen Koenigsfeld: Iowa State — Even though College GameDay won’t be here, fans are going to ‘Pack the Jack’ for a stadium record.

Kevin Jackson: Iowa State — 4-0 is calling our name. The team is healthy, and the week off has made ‘Clones even hungrier. Go Cyclones!

No. 25 Baylor vs. No. 9 West Virginia

Calhoun: West Virginia — First one to score 70 points and swallow the cinnamon without puking wins.

Berhow-Goll: West Virginia — Over/under on incompletions for Geno Smith? Probably around five.

Halsted: West Virginia — Baylor has never been much for defense, and West Virginia never stops scoring.

Koenigsfeld: West Virginia — “The one who scores the most points, wins.” — Kirk Herbstreit, NCAA ‘12.

Jackson: West Virginia — West Virginia has skills, players off the chart. Baylor has big questions on D.

No. 14 Ohio State vs. No. 20 Michigan State

Calhoun: Michigan State — Gee, Ohio State sure has played a gauntlet so far. This joke would have made sense two years ago.

Berhow-Goll: Michigan State — Sparty at home sounds like a rebound. Ohio State is a little overrated, too.

Halsted: Michigan State — The Big Ten has been tough to figure out, but Michigan State has seemed better than the rest so far.

Koenigsfeld: Ohio State — Urban Meyer wound up in Ohio, still in search of a new Tim Tebow.

Jackson: Michigan State — Must win for MSU. OSU has not played anyone and has not looked good.

Minnesota vs. Iowa

Calhoun: Minnesota — James Vandenberg sleeps with a nightlight because he has nightmares about the Golden Gophers.

Berhow-Goll: Minnesota — Iowa City’s police blotter eclipses that of last Saturday’s after two straight losses.

Halsted: Minnesota — The Gophers will really be hogging that pig trophy if they pull off a third consecutive victory against Iowa.

Koenigsfeld: Iowa — The Gophers are leading the Big Ten Legends division. That can’t happen.

Jackson: Minnesota — It’s a must-win for Iowa, but I can’t pick ‘em.

Wisconsin vs. No. 22 Nebraska

Calhoun: Nebraska — Bo Pelini will probably be throwing stuff at the refs; Bret Bielema will probably be drunk.

Berhow-Goll: Nebraska — Montee Ball is banged up. Rex Burkhead is not. Another riveting Big Ten game.

Halsted: Nebraska — “Bo Pelini can judge a book by its cover.” #bopelinifunfacts

Koenigsfeld: Nebraska — We’ll see if “Big Red” is really worth the hype this week.

Jackson: Nebraska — Wisconsin has been suspect all year.

No. 12 Texas vs. Oklahoma State

Calhoun: Texas — So much orange, so much twang. The only thing this game needs is Tang; that stuff was the bomb.

Berhow-Goll: Texas — OK State got Rick Roll’d by Rich Rod two weeks ago. Texas cruises.

Halsted: Texas — I went with the Cowboys to beat Arizona and was badly mistaken. I’ll go with Texas this time.

Koenigsfeld: Texas — New camera view from the football this weekend, available only on the Longhorn Network.

Jackson: Texas — Texas is on their way to top-10 ranking.

Arkansas vs. Texas A&M

Calhoun: Texas A&M — “You’re tacky and I hate you.” – A&M Yell Leaders at Tyler Wilson.

Berhow-Goll: Arkansas — I know Arkansas is about as bad as it gets. But Texas A&M is just not good.

Halsted: Texas A&M — Neither is very good, but Arkansas has thus far proven to be much worse. No matter what: Cheerleaders > Yell Leaders.

Koenigsfeld: Texas A&M — Tyler Wilson blamed his team for the shutout loss against Alabama. Only thing left to blame is a poorly made sandwich.

Jackson: Texas A&M — If A&M can’t win this game, they are in trouble for the long haul in the SEC.