Isaac’s Fantasy Football Corner — Week 2

Isaac Hunt

Week 2 tip: Do not overreact. Yes: Kevin Ogletree had a great game in the season opener, but Jason Witten and Miles Austin were not 100 percent. Also: Do not trade your first-round pick because he threw multiple interceptions (Matthew Stafford) or scored few points (Chris Johnson, do not make me say I told you so).

En fuego: C.J. Spiller replaces the injured Fred Jackson as the starting running back for the Bills, who are at home against the Chiefs. Spiller was already the No. 2 passing option, and he will have a break out game… again.

Heated: The rivalry created last year between coaches Jim Harbaugh (49ers) and Jim Schwartz (Lions). Besides sharing first names, they also possess massive wide receivers. Randy Moss and Calvin Johnson eat up yards at The ‘Stick.

Chilled: Anyone in a Browns uniform. If your 28-year-old quarterback can not get the offense rolling, everyone else will struggle.

Frigid: Sam Bradford will not have the fourth quarter Drew Brees (one interception and one touchdown in the first three quarters) did against the Redskins. St. Louis may hear some boos at home.

Week 2 random fact: In his previous three seasons, Ogletree had just 25 receptions, 294 yards and zero touchdowns. Once again, do not overreact this early.