“Amazing Spider-Man” has big shoes to fill

Elizabeth Polsdofer

On Monday night a midnight premiere of “The Amazing Spider-Man,” ushered in a new era of movies from Marvel franchise focused on the Comic Book Hero Spider-Man. This film is a remake of the Tobey Maguire version with Andrew Garfield replacing Maguire and as the titular character. “The Amazing Spider-Man,” took the spot of what was supposed to be “Spider-Man 4,” with what was meant to be a jump start to the Spider-Man franchise.

Cinemark Movies 12 received a few visitors to opening night, but was far from full. Due to corporate policy, the theater was unable to comment on the opening night of “The Amazing Spider-Man” or give any projections on the success of the film. However, hints from Movies 12 strongly suggested that “Dark Knight Rises”, another Marvel film, will be heavily packed and a “big night” for the theater.

Despite the lackluster turnout for “The Amazing Spider-Man,” one dedicated fan showed enthusiasm for the latest Spider-Man film by dressing in a full body Spider-Man suit. Kevin Mann, an Iowa State senior in mechanical engineering, said through his Spider-Man mask that he had high hopes for “The Amazing Spider-Man” in comparison to the previous Spider-Man movies.

On opening night, “The Amazing Spider-Man” racked in $7.5 million, putting it in pale comparison to “Spider-Man” which earned over $39 million on opening night and later held the position as highest-grossing superhero film of all time before falling to its current place as forth highest-grossing. However, according to a blog for Entertainment Weekly, “The Amazing Spider-Man” has earned $50.2 million overseas.

“The Amazing Spider-Man,” is now playing in participating theaters and is offered to viewers in both 2-D and 3-D screenings.