ISU athlete charged with second degree theft

Myra Krieger-Coen

ISU Police Lt. Elliott Florer was curious. He had just seen a report about a new cherry-red Schwinn reported stolen from just outside the College of Design.

It was the third report ISU Police had received that first week in May. Stolen bicycles are not an uncommon occurrence on a college campus, but four thefts by Wednesday of that week in the summer term was uncommon.

That piqued ISU Police interest.

An officer began a follow-up investigation on the multiple bike thefts that had occurred that May. Looking through advertisements listed on Craigslist, they noted something strange. In the span of five days, a single account listed five different bikes for sale. Pictures and descriptions matched up with some of the bikes that had been reported stolen earlier that year, Florer said.

Further investigation produced a search warrant for the residence of Collin Fett, a thrower on the ISU track and field team. The search warrant executed on May 31 resulted in the seizure of 40 bikes. The collective worth of the bikes is estimated to be more than $1,000 but less than $10,000, enabling the police to arrest Fett on June 14 on charges of second-degree theft.

Florer said a bolt cutter had been used to sever bike locks. The bikes were then transported by van to the residence, where they were stored in the basement. The bicycles were said to have been tuned up and advertised for sale on Craigslist.

Police found records that indicate three bikes had already been sold, Florer said. An investigation is currently ongoing as to whether any other bikes were sold.

Florer was pleased with the efforts that went into the case. 

“The second-shift officers have really done some great work,” he said.

Bikes are being held until after the court case has been closed. The date of the trial is currently unknown. Once the case has been closed, registered bike owners will be contacted. Police are working to determine ownership of the unregistered bikes.

Florer considered this an apt reminder to ISU students to register their bikes with the university.

“You can’t report them or recover them if they aren’t registered,” he said. “We won’t know who they belong to.”

Florer said Fett has already been released from jail. Fett could not be reached for comment. ISU track and field head coach Corey Ihmels could not be reached for comment either.

ISU assistant track and field coach Travis Hartke said: “This is something that will be handled internally once all the details are uncovered. Therefore I wish not to comment on the issue.”