Q & A with Chris Ford of Daytrotter

Dale Johnson

Christopher the Conquered & His Black Gold Brass Band recorded a Daytrotter session, which will be Chris Ford’s second session with Daytrotter. The session does not have a release date currently, but updates will be made through the Daytrotter site and Twitter account.

What songs did you record?

We recorded tracks from the new album, “10,000 people,” “Let Us Not Confuse Our Thoughts with our Beliefs,” “The Truth Is On Its Way” and “The Fate Of A Good Man.”

How long did you spend in the studio?

We were there for two hours but only spent about an hour recording. You don’t have only one take, but we only had to do couple takes on a track twice.

What differences were there recording compared to your first Daytrotter session?

First the band is bigger. We have a bass player, three horns for this session and added guitar and organ players while I played an acoustic piano. Everything else has remained the same.

How has your experience working with Daytrotter been?

It’s awesome. Sean Moeller, he started it and still runs the day to day operations, in terms of scheduling and making things happen. He’s a loves Midwest bands and loves Iowa music and really wants to support Iowa bands. He’s great about scheduling us and getting us in there. Everyone there is very, very professional and laid back at the same time. They treat you well and they’re really supportive. Everyone I know has come back with great stories.

What do think the importance of other area artists and you recording with Daytrotter is for the Ames and Des Moines music communities?

The Envy Corps, Poison Control Center, Leslie and the Ly’s and Parlours have all done sessions. First, its exposure to the world. Hundreds of thousands of people. Actually, I’m making that number up, but I do know on Twitter they have about 34,000 followers. That’s good number of people, still. They promote, record live and put the session out, and tons of people look at the website. It shows people what the mission of Maximum Ames is, which is to show as many people as possible that we have a creative community here and inspire others to start creative communities.

Do you think you will have the opportunity to record with Daytrotter again?

Yeah, and other people from around here too. I think Daytrotter is really supportive of us now, and if we put out another record, they’d be glad to have us back. I expect that with such great songwriters coming out of Ames and Des Moines, all of Iowa in fact. A lot of people that we know and love will record with them because they know talent when they hear it.

What should people know about Daytrotter?

A year ago they switched from their free format to paid subscriptions. With that, there is no more advertisement, which is awesome because advertising kind of sucks when there is so much in our lives. It depends on what the advertising is though, but the subscriptions are really cheap. It’s $2 a month and I have one. You can listen to thousands of sessions, from small artists to big artists, and I feel it’s totally worth it. You can listen or download the sessions and listen to the live sessions, where you can listen to all the takes. It’s for almost nothing. It really just takes the work to sign up. I think more people should sign up and support it because they’re kind of like an institution, and they’re moving the main studio. They’re going from Rock Island, Ill. to Davenport, Iowa, so even though they have been a kind of Iowa thing, they will officially become Iowan. Sean is from Iowa so it makes sense. It’s just like supporting your local businesses when you sign up for Daytrotter.