New music festival taking place in Iowa this August

A new music festival is coming to Iowa and will feature not only several local artists, but local food trucks as well.

Cluster Funk, as the festival is being called, is an all-ages event taking place at Jester Park in Granger, Iowa on Aug. 10. The event, which was created by Tarun Yenna and Jaydn Swailes, will be followed by an after-party at the Des Moines Social Club. The main event will commence at 11:30 a.m. and will go until 9 p.m. The after-party starts at 11 p.m. and will go until 2 a.m. The after party-is for those 21 and over. 

Tickets for the event start at $20 for general admission to the Jester Park event and $40 for both the event and after-party. The event stemmed from a friend coming up with the name. After hearing the name, Yenna and Swailes began working on creating a festival to go with the name. 

“To be honest, the name came from our friend, Tristan, who goes to Iowa State for event management,” Yenna said. “He came up with the name Cluster Funk and he got busy so me and my partner, Jaydn, worked on making it an actual event. Jaydn knows a lot of musicians and is friends with a lot of them in the area, and it just became a day to showcase our friends and support local artists.”

Yenna, who has worked for the Conservation Corps of Iowa in their Ames office, said he spent a lot of his time helping out at Jester Park. His time there came to the forefront of his mind when the event needed a venue to call home. The Jester Park Amphitheater is an outdoor venue surrounded by forests and trails. 

The event will be headlined by Des Moines-based group LAV.ISH. Members of the group attended middle school with Swailes. The group recently performed at Iowa’s largest music festival, the 80/35 Music Festival. 

“The band they remind me most of would be Daft Punk, but with more than just robotic voices,” Yenna said. “They’re very mesmeric and rhythmic and are really great.” 

Other artists performing at the event include Akayna Calkins, Parker Reed, Jaxson, Beej & Gaml, James Tyler, Cray, The Calm Beef Aura Storm, Wy-Lo, Trini, El Chopflow and Butl3r. Most of the artists in attendance are from Des Moines or surrounding areas. Comedic performances from Danny Carman and Sid Juwarker will occur throughout the day in between musical performances. 

In addition to local talent, Cluster Funk will feature food and drinks from local food trucks. Food trucks at Cluster Funk will serve up various barbeque meals, Asian-inspired meals, ice cream and appetizers. The event is pet-friendly.

Tickets for the inaugural event are available through Cluster Funk’s website or at