Injury ends Naklo’s NCAA Singles Championship run


Thasaporn Naklo competes against the Oklahoma Sooners on April 8.

Payne Blazevich

In a tough back-and-forth series, Iowa State sophomore Thasaporn Naklo fell to NC State’s Abigail Rencheli in three sets. Naklo was on the verge of victory but couldn’t overcome an injury late in the second set.

Although Naklo struggled late in the match, she battled until the final handshake, putting points on the board despite losing 0-6 in the third set. Her loss marks the end of another historic season for Iowa State tennis.

Hard-fought match

Throughout the match, Naklo and Rencheli traded games back and forth. The first two sets were fiercely competitive, and games were decided by one or two points.

Naklo fell to a 2-5 deficit in the first set before fighting back to take a 6-5 lead. The first set required a tiebreak game, where Naklo won 7-6 (3).

Naklo also trailed in the second set, recovering from a 2-3 deficit to take a 5-4 lead with a chance to win the match.

Unfortunate injury

With match point leading 40-love, Naklo suffered debilitating cramps. Hunched over, she served to Rencheli but was unable to move, providing Rencheli with an opportunity to rally back. Because of this, she dropped the second set 5-7.

Rather than forfeiting the match, Naklo continued to the third set. After a short break, she appeared to move better, but she was unable to retain her previous mobility.

Despite her efforts and ability to score even with the injury, Naklo wasn’t able to take a game off Rencheli in the third set.

Coming back for more

Naklo’s loss Tuesday afternoon concluded another historic season for Iowa State tennis.

Throughout the season, the Cyclones consistently found themselves in the national rankings. Iowa State also qualified for back-to-back NCAA tournaments, marking the second tournament appearance in program history.

As a sophomore, Naklo has already made history for Iowa State tennis. She was the first player in program history to qualify and win a match in the NCAA Singles Championships.

Although she fell in the second round, she was competitive in the match and showed the capability of advancing even further in the tournament. Naklo still has time to make more history for the Cyclones.

Naklo will have another opportunity to help raise the standard for Iowa State tennis. Next year, she will have the chance to qualify for another NCAA Championship and avenge the loss that ended her season.