Lolo Jones on Twitter action, last minute decision to race

Stephen Koenigsfeld

DES MOINES — When Lolo Jones entered the news conference on Friday, everyone around was expecting an announcement about how she wouldn’t be participating in this year’s Drake Relays.

Speculation arouse on April 26 when weather predictions were looking glum for the 103rd Drake Relays.

In a strange turn of events, the news conference turned out to be relaxed and somewhat humorous for Jones.

When asked about her recent Twitter actions, she smiled and joked.

“I’m on there a lot,” Jones said. “One of my fans last night said that I’m on there too much.”

Jones said no matter where she is, from home or the grocery store, she’ll be tweeting and interacting with her followers.

“I like to reach out to my fans,” Jones said. “I like to communicate with them.”

But Jones finally got to the question that has been on everyone’s minds for the past 24 hours: Will she compete on Saturday?

“Cold is not good for hamstrings,” Jones said. “I wish I could control the weather, but I can’t. I’ll just focus on what I an control and that’s just going out there and warming up and talking with my coach.”

So with that indirect answer, the question still looms. Jones said she will do everything in her power to get out on the blue oval tomorrow.

Weather permitting, Jones continue her journey to the London Olympics at 3:07 p.m. Saturday evening in the 100-meter hurdles.