Album Review: The Shins’ ‘Port of Morrow’


Port of Morrow

Gretchen Baer

The Shins are back with their fourth studio album, “Port of Morrow.” It has been 5 years that fans have waited to hear from The Shins again. “Wincing the Night Away” is the last album we heard from them, which was nominated for a Grammy back in 2008. Needless to say, the pressure is on for this album to be great and top their last. Frontman James Mercer took some time away from The Shins and ventured off to experiment with his other project, Broken Bells, which has also been a huge success.

“Port of Morrow” has more of a pop-electronica feel than their past albums that solely stick to indie-rock. The Shins released their single, “Simple Song,” before the whole album was released. This made fans so eager to hear what else was to come. “The Rifle’s Spiral” is more experimental with electronica background while “No Way Down” and “Fall of ’82” stick to their original roots.

The Shins have released an album with an energizing shift. “Port of Morrow” still remains an indie rock album, but also expresses the experimental side that Mercer is trying to create with a small touch of pop-electronica. Fans seem to be impressed with the release, although some stay iffy on the new sound.

Grade: A-

Recommended Tracks: “It’s Only Life” and “Bait and Switch