Torrescano leads offense, defense for Cyclones


ISU softball pitcher Tori Torrescano gets ready to throw the ball. Longhorns defeated the Cyclones 11-2 on Sunday, March 25, at the Southwest Athletic Complex.

Travis Cammon

This season has proven to be a difficult one for the ISU softball team, which is currently sitting near the bottom of the Big 12 standings, ranking eighth in batting and ninth in pitching and fielding.

But there is a bright spot that shines through the Cyclones’ season woes as junior pitcher Tori Torrescano has become their go-to player and currently leads the team in wins as a pitcher with six.

“She has kind of proven that what she does is where we go,” said coach Stacy Gemeinhardt-Cesler. “If she throws well, we obviously have a lot more success.”

Torrescano currently ranks in the top 10 of the Big 12 in both innings pitched (82) and saves (2).

“It’s been a huge adjustment,” Torrescano said. “Last year, we had Rachel [Zabriskie], who was the workhorse. So my role was to help her when I could and really focus on hitting. It’s been tough mentally sometimes but it’s good.”

But Torrescano has not just been the best pitcher for the Cyclones, she has also been consistently one of the best hitters for the team as well.

Last year, she finished the season tied an ISU record 11 home runs, led the team with .618 slugging percentage, was second on the team in runs scored with 31, led the team with 51 hits and was second on the team with 33 RBIs.

“I love doing both [pitching and hitting],” Torrescano said. “A lot of people told me growing up I couldn’t do both and I would have to choose one. I said, ‘No, I’m going to hit, and I’m going to play other positions.’

“It takes a lot of extra time on my part, but I like it because if I’m struggling in one aspect, I can make it up in another.”

Torrescano, a native of San Diego, leads the team in essentially all offensive categories again this year including home-runs (8), RBI (1.00 per game) and slugging percentage (.727). Her stats also rank sixth, sixth and fifth, respectively, in the Big 12 overall as well.

“Tori has been a great leader to the team,” said senior pitcher Lauren Kennewell. “She’s hitting well and pitching well, and she’s really become the go-to person on both offense and defense.”

Torrescano’s play on the mound has gradually improved over her years at Iowa State. Combining for only seven wins total in her first two years, the junior has compiled six wins already.

“I really liked how [softball] is an individual sport within a team sport,” Torrescano said. “My mom tells me, when I was little, one time I saw other little girls playing softball at a park and wanted to do it, and I’ve been doing it ever since.”