Men’s golf team excited to rebound from Texas tournament

Mark Schafer

After the Texas-San Antonio Invitational, the ISU men’s golf team cannot wait to get back into competition.

One of the main reasons the players are eager to get back out on the course is to make up for mistakes and the frustrating tournament that resulted in Texas.

“The last tournament was, in one word, frustrating,” said coach Andrew Tank. “Now we have an opportunity to move on to the next tournament and produce better results.”

In San Antonio, Iowa State finished the lowest it had all season, in a tie for 12th out of the 15 schools attending.

Among the individuals, the Cyclones only had two players — senior Nate McCoy and freshman Scott Fernandez — finish in the top 20. McCoy finished in a tie for sixth, and Fernandez finished in a tie for 17th.

The rest of the team all finished near the bottom of the field with freshman Sam Daley finishing in a tie for 65th. The other two players finished below Daley.

“Sam [Daley] played very uncharacteristically and so did some of the other guys,” Tank said. “I expect with what we have worked on in practice this week that we’ll have put Texas behind us.”

Putting the mistakes behind them is something the players have been working on all week in practice, especially Daley.

“I made some mistakes [in Texas], and I’ve been working to make sure I don’t follow up on those mistakes,” Daley said. “I want to get back into competition so I can show not just the coaches, but myself that Texas was just a one-time tournament.”

Daley said there were a lot of shots that he wanted back in the last tournament, and he has learned from those shots to make better ones at the next tournament.

“I may have rushed a couple of my shots,” Daley said. “One thing I need to concentrate on [is] slowing down a shot or two so I can really get the most out of every shot.”

McCoy, who is the team’s lone senior and has been on both sides of a bad tournament, is trying to use his experience to help the team for the upcoming tournament.

“The competition won’t slow down after we have one bad tournament, so all the changes we make to catch up come through practice,” McCoy said. “After unsuccessful tournaments it’s important to focus on the small things for the future.”

Like Daley, McCoy said he is also excited to get back out to play another tournament.

“I think most of the guys are excited to get back into play this weekend,” Tank said. “We’re excited to play to prove that we are better than we showed at Texas.”

The Cyclones will play this weekend at the Wyoming Desert Shootout in Palm Desert, Calif.