ISU gymnastics tries to stay balanced for 2nd weekend meet


Celine Paulus performs in the uneven parallel bars during the meet against Iowa on Friday, Jan. 27, at Hilton Coliseum. Paulus recieved a 9.850 for the event and was third all-around with a score of 37.875.

Isaac Hunt

The lowest score Iowa State has earned this season came early in its first meet at Missouri with a score of 192.600. Friday night’s loss at Iowa resulted in a close second of 192.750. 

After counting many falls, Iowa State (3-5, 0-2 Big 12) suffered a 194.150-192.750 loss to rival Iowa (3-6-1). The Cyclones said the crowd was very loud and could have played a role in some of their own mistakes. 

Iowa left the meet after scoring 194.150, a score that Iowa State had scored higher than in its last three meets. Outperformed in every event, the Cyclones went back to Ames with the low score on their minds.

“We really need to start hitting routines,” said senior Celine Paulus. “I think we really need to try to come into the meet knowing we’re going to win.”

Iowa State will see if it can regain focus when it hosts Southeast Missouri State on Monday at Hilton Coliseum. The Redhawks scored just 189.600 on Feb. 10 at Oklahoma, where Iowa State scored its season-high 195.175.

“It’s all about score,” said coach Jay Ronayne. “We’re chasing our personal best. It’s really not [a focus] on Southeast Missouri, it’s a focus on ourselves. We have to stay on the equipment.”

With only one practice between Friday’s meet and Monday’s, the Cyclones will have to make it count in the gym. 

“It’s going to be light physically,” Ronayne said. “We’re going to talk about what our goals are, see if we’re headed in the right direction.”

With a young team, many of its athletes haven’t experienced meets with a rest period this short. 

“For me, it’ll be different just because I didn’t compete very much last year,” said sophomore Henrietta Green. “My body will be tired, but mentally I know that I can do it. It’s a big meet for me and the team.”

Assistant coach Katie Minasola said last week that in her experience, gymnasts perform better in the second meet when they are this close in proximity of time. Monday will be a big testament to where this team is headed and how it will approach the rest of the season.

The Cyclones will take on the Redhawks at 6:30 p.m. Monday at Hilton Coliseum.