Women’s golf team expects different players to step up each tournament


Sophomore Punpaka Phuntumabamrung surveys the putting green in anticipation of her next shot.

Mark Schafer

Two tournaments into the spring season and the ISU women’s golf team has had two different names atop the leaderboard.

For the coaches, that is just the way they want to see it.

“We have a strong team, we have experienced players who are excited to play each tournament,” said coach Christie Martens. “We are starting to play like we know we can, and our individual round scores are starting to show that.”

After the first tournament of the semester, freshman Chonlada Chayanun was the leader for the Cyclones. In the next tournament, sophomore Sasikarn On-Iam led the Cyclones.

Both of the spring semester tournaments it has been Chayanun and On-iam at the top of the leaderboards, but with their positions flipped.

“Chonlada was able to lead the team in Puerto Rico and she overcame a second-round score that brought her down in the overall score,” said assistant coach Pina Gentile. “On-Iam had three strong rounds this week and a strong tournament last [week].”

For the coaches, having two consistent players is what they have been striving for since the team first came together in September.

“All year we have been trying to get the best out of our players each week,” Martens said. “Now that we have more tournaments we can start to fine-tune the players, and that will start improving our scores, one of our goals is to get every player at the top of the leaderboard.”

Getting the different players on top of the leaderboard is something that the Cyclones almost accomplished last semester.

Through five different tournaments, Iowa State had four different players that led the team at four different tournaments.

“Every tournament we go to, we all have goals that we want to accomplish, and the more goals we accomplish, the better we do,” On-Iam said. “Our goals change at each tournament.”

The goals for the coaches change from tournament to tournament as well based on the players’ performance each week.

“One week for one player might be to get better putts, and the next she might have to work on chipping,” Martens said. “We have to keep on top of each player’s game so we know what areas to work on before the next tournament.”

With two weeks off before the next tournament, the coaches will work from the notes from the first two tournaments to help each player accomplish their individual as well as the coaches goals going into the next tournaments.

“With two weeks before our next tournament, we have time to do more fine tuning,” Martens said. “By the end of the year if all of the players are finishing towards the top [of the leaderboard], then we’ll know our goals were accomplished.”