ISU men’s track and field team makes progress in preparation for invitational

Dylan Montz

After hosting the ISU Open with more than 30 teams competing, the ISU men’s track and field team will return to Lied Recreation Athletic Center on Thursday, Friday and Saturday to host the Bill Bergan Invitational.

The Cyclones will have fewer teams to race against but will, perhaps, face better competition.

“It’s a great opportunity when you have teams like Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota and North Dakota State [come to the invitational],” said coach Corey Ihmels. “They are all solid teams, and I think every event is going to have some pretty good talent, so it is an opportunity for us to get on the track and run against some of the best.”

Redshirt freshman distance runner Brandon Barnes, who competed in three events at the ISU Open, said that while last weekend was a success, he wants to build on that and put himself in a good position to do well in the Big 12. He also said the workouts have stayed consistent thus far in the season.

“We have been doing longer strength workouts, nothing too drastic,” Barnes said. “We are just going to kind of keep that going and build onto that a little bit later down the road toward Big 12 season.”

Freshman jumper Teddy Lampkin, who will be competing in the long jump, said he is excited about competing in his first collegiate track and field meet at the Bill Bergan.

“I will be able to prove to myself that I can jump with college athletes. It’s my first time doing that, so I’m excited about it,” Lampkin said. “I just want to compete as hard as I can, jump as far as I can and run as fast as I can and hopefully help this team win a conference championship.”

Ihmels said workouts have been going well during the week and that the kids may be tired, but work will assist them when the Big 12 Championships come along.

“If we can put ourselves in some situations this weekend that mimic the Big 12 and score some points and try to beat the guy ahead of you, I think we will accomplish what we need to accomplish,” Ihmels said.

The Bill Bergan Invitational will begin Thursday at Lied and conclude Saturday.