Economy resonates with young Romney supporters


Photo: Zhenru Zhang/Iowa State Daily

Republicans register to vote in the last minute during the Iowa Republican Caucus on Tuesday, Jan. 3, at Ames Middle School.

Sarah Binder

The nation is still waiting with bated breath for the too-close-to-call Iowa caucuses results to come in, but a few young people have found a candidate to support in former Massachussetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Several hundred people turned out in support of the candidate at an over-capacity event at the Hotel Fort Des Moines.

“I believe his experience in the private sector is important with this dismal of economy,” said Chris Kinkor, a senior at Dowling High School who spoke on Romney’s behalf at West Des Moines’ Precinct 34 caucus. He said it is important for young voters to pay attention to the issues.

“A lot of issues affect us and we don’t even realize it — such as Social Security,” he said.

Several high schoolers attended because of a class requirement. An AP government class presented by Central Academy at Roosevelt High School required students to volunteer or attend political functions for 10 hours. A group of students were “checking out all the parties.”

“I’m definitely more informed on the different candidates running,” said Nina Lavalle, senior at Roosevelt. “I kind of respect them more because I know more about it.”

However, she said she still wasn’t sure which candidate she would support.

Amanda Henneberg, regional press secretary for Romney, said the former governor’s stance on the economy attracts young voters.

“Especially for college-age students, I think jobs are one of the biggest things on their minds, and I think that’s where Gov. Romney differentiates himself for the other candidates,” she said.

She said the enthusiasm their campaign has seen in Iowa is great, but win or lose, they are “prepared to run a national campaign.”