Low turnout at Lighthouse caucus precinct, Paul wins big


Photo: Jayme Wilken/Iowa State Daily

Terry Herrman, caucus chairman at the Lighthouse, counts votes for the county convention representatives.

Emily Hejlik

Ron Paul ran away with the Republican caucus victory at the Lighthouse caucus precint in Ames in front of a low turnout, the majority being students. 

Round tables were scattered with Ron Paul stickers. Couches and ping-pong tables enclosed an informal precint off Sheldon Avenue. A total of 17 caucus-goers voted, with Ron Paul taking 13 of these votes. Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Rick Perry all tallied a single vote.

Tyler Raygor, ISU sophomore in political science, advocated on behalf of Paul.

“Paul is all about freedom and protecting people’s rights and civil liberties,” Raygor said. “Dr. Paul knows how to restore America and keep us safe. He is the only candidate that can be trusted and compete against Barack Obama.” 

Stephanie Stecker,  ISU freshman in meterology, said she was undecided, but said she was leaning toward Paul.

“I have two brothers in the military and one going into it,” Stecker said.

Stecker said she appreciates how Paul keeps soldiers in mind.

“I am also thinking about voting for Santorum,” she said. “He has been one of the only candidates that hasn’t resorted to bashing other candidates, and I love his Christian values and what he stands for.”

Proposals were handed out by Terry Herrman, the chairman of the precinct. On the eve of his 54th birthday, Herrman, of Ames, was a first-timer to the process.

“I am excited to be a part of such an important event in the presidential race,” Hermann said. 

R.J. Green, ISU senior in biology, was the only individual to present a platform proposal.

“Social issues are not a political platform and don’t belong on the party agenda,” Green said. “We need to get people’s social issues out of the equation of politics. Being gay or having an abortion are individual choices.”