Candidate Profile: Newt Gingrich

David Bartholomew

Newt Gingrich


All forms of taxpayer subsidies for abortion should be eliminated, including federal support for Planned Parenthood. The “Mexico City Policy,” which bans funding to organizations that promote and/or perform abortions overseas, should be reinstated.


Parents should have the right to pick which school is right for their children. Pell Grant-style system should be instituted for K-12 students, including home-schooled children. The Department of Education should be shrunk substantially and accountability should be handed over to local and state education.

Gay marriage

Marriage is between a man and a woman. For all of recorded history, marriage has been defined that way and there is no reason to change that because gay marriage fundamentally goes against everything we know.

Health care

President Obama’s health care bill should be immediately repealed. Health insurance should be made more affordable and more portable by giving Americans the option of receiving a generous tax credit or allowing them to purchase insurance across state lines. Strong investments should be made in research for health solutions.


Controlling the United States border is a matter of national security. Border control strategy should include aerial drone flights, strategic fencing and greater communication between state and federal authorities. American visa process should be streamlined and simplified. Path to earned legality for some of the millions of people who are here outside the law needs to be created.

Military/Foreign policy

The United States must develop a grand strategy for defeating radical Islam instead of treating Iraq, Afghanistan and other areas as if there are isolated incidents. Military force must be used judiciously and with clear, obtainable objectives understood by Congress.


Implementing a bold series of tax cuts will make the United States the most desirable location for new business investment. By moving toward an optional flat tax rate of 15 percent, it will simplify the tax system without unfairly targeting the poor. Fundamental reform of entitlement programs and spending cuts are essential to balancing the federal budget and growing the economy.

*This information came from either the candidate’s website or a statement made in a GOP debate.