Romney speaks about family values


Nicole Wiegand

Mitt Romney, former Republican governor of Massachusetts, answers questions from supporters during a campaign stop at Kinzler Construction in Ames on Thursday, Dec. 29. Much of Romney’s time in Ames was spent interacting with those in attendance.

Paige Godden

Mitt Romney spoke about his family and adoration of America at an event in Ames on Thursday night.

Romney first introduced his wife, Ann.

He said he knew Ann in elementary school but they did not start dating until high school. He said they have been together ever since.

Ann then took the microphone and said she has had a great time in Iowa during the last couple of days.

“Every place we have gone has been like this and I think I know why. I think it’s because you’re all concerned about America,” Ann said. “I think you want to pick someone who is going to beat Barack Obama.”

She explained why her husband would make a great president by first talking about Mitt’s qualities as a husband and father. She said they have been married 42 years and have raised five sons.

“It wasn’t easy raising five boys, but Mitt would call when I was at my wits’ end and remind me that my work was more important than his,” Ann said.

She said that she appreciates the fact that when Mitt was a young man he had his values and priorities right, “and we need that in the white house.”

Romney then took back the stage and told a story about how his grandparents took all 25 of their grandchildren, in small groups, on road trips across the nation to see the national parks.

He said they did this to teach the children how to love the country.

Romney said when he had the chance to organize the winter Olympic Games, he noticed that the American athletes were the only athletes to put their hands over their hearts.

He said Franklin Roosevelt began the tradition in order to recognize the blood being shed overseas.

He talked about his love for all things patriotic, including songs about America.

“Amber waves of grain. If corn qualifies as an amber wave of grain, we have it right here,” Romney said.

Romney said, “Oh beautiful for patriot dream that sees beyond the years,” was the idea that the documents the patriots created weren’t just temporary, but something that would last.

“I believe the declaration and constitution have permanence and relevance and I don’t want to stray from them,” Romney said.

He said what makes America such an extraordinary land are those principles.

He said the founders thought that America should change the way the government was organized and instead of letting the king be sovereign, it would let the people be sovereign.

Romney emphasized that the creator, not the government, endowed the people with certain inalienable rights.

“That determination from the founders meant that people wanted to come here, and come here they did,” Romney said.

He said the government now doesn’t understand the concept that people have been coming here for centuries to take risks and live in the land of liberty.

“I don’t think the president understands that. I think they want to change America,” Romney said. “This isn’t just about electing a new president; it is about saving the soul of America.”

He said he doesn’t think European goverments are working in Europe so he doesn’t want those governmental structures in the United States.

“Ours was founded as an opportune nation based on risk-taking and dreams,” Romney said.

He said that people could achieve great dreams and “as they did that, it did not make the rest of us poorer.”

He said the president seems to think America should be an entitlement society and take from some to give to others. Romney said that has never worked anywhere.

Romney said he believes the president is looking to “divide America and substitute envy for ambition.”

He said he will make America strong by making America the best place in the world for a middle class to thrive by creating jobs.