Trey LaTrash brings “culturally rich nightlife” to Ames

Vincent Geerts

Local DJ Trey LaTrash remembers attending his first rave at age 16 and being struck by the variety of attendants the party attracted.

“I remember turning to my friend and saying, ‘It’s never going to get as cool as this,'” he said. “It’s as multicultural as it gets.”

More than a decade later, LaTrash said he now works to bring similar “culturally rich nightlife” to Ames. Though he works under an alter-ego and in multiple costumes, LaTrash expresses himself through his work.

“I’m a fashion design student, so I like to use a lot of costuming in my shows,” he said. “Like a variety show, it keeps things a lot more interesting.”

Friend and aspiring burlesque performer Phoenix L’Amour said LaTrash’s persona makes his art more entertaining, as well as more individual.

“He’s not just a guy behind a soundboard wearing sunglasses,” she said. “He’s totally expressed who he is … and he puts a lot of effort into what he does.”

It began with boredom. After a few years attending ISU, he decided to quit complaining and get to work. He started DJ’ing about a year ago, performing primarily at Capone’s.

“It’s kind of an Iowa thing,” he said. “We know that if we want to see something, we’re going to have to make it happen ourselves.”

Since that time, former Ames bar Capone’s has been re-imagined into the relatively new Club Blow, but that has not stopped LaTrash from bringing the party. Along with L’Amour, LaTrash hosted his first night at Club Blow last weekend. Owner Ish Dika said the crowd enjoyed the performance, and some were even drawn in off the street.

“It was our first time working together, and we want to throw more events and parties in the future, Dika said. “It will get even better. We’re excited for next semester.”

LaTrash and Dika suggested that future themes could include the ’80s, toga parties or a masquerade. L’Amour and LaTrash both hope the parties will continue to draw a larger crowd, attracting people from all around.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to discover a little town called Ames and get people to come here,” L’Amour said.

But this spring semester could also be the last chance to see LaTrash’s work in Ames. He will move to New York in the coming summer for an internship with Von Vonni. Dika hopes to host at least two parties a month during the time, providing plenty of opportunity to become part of the crowd.