Candidate Profile: Rick Perry

David Bartholomew

Rick Perry


Life begins at conception. A real solution to the issue is a ban on tax dollars for abortion and a human life amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Only judges who have demonstrated a strong commitment to the Constitution and interpreting the law as written will be appointed to the Supreme Court.


The federal government should have very little say in the education of our children. That being said, the Department of Education must be eliminated and parents should have the right to choose what education is best for their children, whether that be home, public, charter or private school through the use of a voucher system.

Gay marriage

Traditional marriage should be strongly protected. As the state Defense of Marriage Act was signed and a marriage amendment was supported by me in the Texas state constitution, the same would be done as president.

Health care

President Obama’s misguided, unconstitutional and unsustainable health care plan must be immediately repealed. The best way to improve health care is to stimulate job creation so more Americans are covered by employer-sponsored health plans, as well as seriously reform Medicare and Medicaid to ensure the wise use of tax dollars and increase quality of care.


Building a strategic fence, deploying troops, using aviation assets and working with Mexico will ensure that our borders will be safe. Children of illegal aliens also deserve to be educated because if they don’t, they will become a drain on society.

Military/Foreign policy

Our adversaries and allies alike must know that the United States seeks peace from a position of strength. We must strengthen our diplomatic relationships and stand firm with our allies against our common enemies. Additionally, we need to ensure that America has the resources to maintain a strong, modern defense and presence to defend our interests around the globe.


The Cut, Balance and Grow plan will ensure that America’s economy gets back on track. By cutting taxes and slashing spending, we will be able to balance the federal budget by 2020 and grow millions of jobs. Also, the entire tax code and job-killing regulations will be thrown out and replaced by a 20 percent flat tax system that can be filed on a postcard, which will in turn allow employers to create more jobs and help the economy grow.

*This information came from either the candidate’s website or a statement made in a GOP debate.