Candidate Profile: Jon Huntsman

David Bartholomew

Jon Huntsman


Right to life amendment should be put into the United States Constitution. Several additional steps can be taken including making second-trimester abortions illegal, parental permission requirement for abortion and, if Roe v. Wade were overturned, outright banning abortion altogether.


The entire United States education system should be localized as much as possible; the federal government should keep away from trying to micromanage the education of our children. Early learning, especially in math and languages, should be thoroughly stressed in our schools’ curricula.

Gay marriage

Traditional marriage should first and foremost be respected but also should civil unions. However, the final legal decision for same-sex civil union should ultimately be left up to individual states.

Health care

President Obama’s health care reform bill should be rolled back and stripped down. The federal government has no business in enforcing individual mandates upon its citizens. Market-based, consumer-empowering legislation is what needs to drive America’s health care system.


There has to be a solution to illegal immigrants rather than sending back the more than 10 million who are already here. However, first and foremost, the United States needs to secure its borders through fences, technology and deployment of National Guard troops.

Military/Foreign policy

The United States needs to sustain its pre-eminence as a force of good. Additionally, America needs to reaffirm its commitment to its traditional allies as well as reaching out to rising powers like India and China. Creating a modern defense and military is essential to preparing for future wars and dealing with a Pacific-centric century.


American businesses suffer from the second-highest corporate tax rate in the world. High marginal tax rates also negatively impact small businesses and they must be reduced for America to compete in the 21st century. Also, the Environmental Protection Agency’s jobs-killing regulations must be reined in.

*This information came from either the candidate’s website or a statement made in a GOP debate.