Ihmels named Big 12 cross country coach of the year

Caitlyn Diimig

After clinching its first-ever Big

12 Championship title for the women’s team, ISU cross-country coach

Corey Ihmels was named Big 12 cross-country coach of the


“It’s a great honor,” Ihmels said.

“I’ve got a great staff, and it’s just a tribute to their hard

work, and our student athletes hard work.” 

Ihmels has taken a team that was

once ninth in the conference to first.

“When we took over, we were

horrible,” said assistant coach Travis Hartke. “There’s obviously

been a huge level of improvement.”

Ihmels’ dedication to each athlete

individually is an aspect Hartke attributes to the success of the


“He has high expectations, but at

the same time believes in people’s abilities,” Hartke


Ihmels is also known for

accommodating each individual’s workouts to be flexible to their

schedules, Hartke said.

Sophomore Maggie Gannon said she

appreciates Ihmels’ coaching and training.

“Having the first women’s team to

win Big 12’s in 21 years is a quite the accomplishment,” Gannon

said. “Obviously we owe all of that to his training and his


Gannon also said she appreciates his

straightforward style.

“I like that he’s direct and to the

point,” Gannon said. “He doesn’t sugar-coat things; he’s honest and

says it like it is.”