Improvement is goal for women’s golf final fall tournament

Mark Schafer

The ISU women’s golf team is one tournament away from wrapping up the fall season.

While the fall schedule has no impact on the team’s Big 12 season, which will start in the spring, assistant coach Pina Gentile said it is still important for the golfers to stay in shape and compete during the fall.

“It is important for us to continue to participate in tournaments before the season starts so we can know what areas of the game each player needs help on,” Gentile said. “Our season doesn’t start until next semester, so we usually learn a lot in the fall.”

This fall, the ISU women’s golf team has competed in four tournaments so far and is preparing for its final tournament of the semester, the Landfall Tradition on Friday through Sunday.

“We’ve had a couple of rough tournaments, so finishing in the top five was good for us,” said senior Kristin Paulson. “We are looking to improve for the last tournament this fall.”

The Cyclones are coming off a fourth-place finish at their last tournament, the Lady Northern Intercollegiate, which tied their best finish of the fall season.

Among the stars at the Lady Northern Intercollegiate were Paulson, who finished fourth in the individual part of the tournament, and sophomore Prima Thammaraks, who finished in a tie for sixth overall in the tournament.

Gentile said she was impressed how the team was able to come together and pull off the fourth-place finish.

“We worked hard and were able to get an overall finish in the top five,” Gentile said. “Kristin was especially strong in the third round and controlled her shots well and was able to make up ground in the final standings, so that helped the team.”

For the Landfall Tradition, the Cyclones will work on improving their later-round scores as they shoot for improved results in their final fall tournament.

“The last two tournaments, we have struggled in the later rounds, so hopefully we can improve on our scores in those rounds,” Gentile said. “Individuals have been strong in the later rounds, but as a team we have some room for improvement before next semester.”

Besides trying to get the best result at the last tournament in the fall, the Cyclones also are trying to build confidence before the spring.

“We can play a lot better than we have been,” Paulson said. “After this last tournament, we’ll have some time off to practice and get into shape for the spring. That’ll help.”

Like Paulson, Thammaraks believes that practice will help when it comes to preparing for the next semester.

“We have had an up and down semester,” Thammaraks said. “Hopefully the last tournament can bring confidence for the rest of the season.”