Thammaraks a success for ISU women’s golf

Mark Schafer

Success, as defined by the Webster’s New World College Dictionary, means the gaining of wealth, fame or rank. For the ISU women’s golf team, success has come from an outside source.

That outside source isn’t a booster or a corporate sponsor, it is the players that play on the team. Half of the team has come to the United States from abroad to Iowa State to play golf collegiately.

Four of the eight players come from the southeast Asian country of Thailand. One of those players, Prima Thammaraks, has been a stable member of the Cyclones for the last two years and has helped in the team’s achieved ranking of No. 30 in the nation.

“She has been one of the most consistant players week in and week out,” said assistant coach Pina Gentile. “So it has been nice to see her perform and improve at the tournaments.”

Last year, Thammaraks was one of the top-performing golfers for the Cyclones. At the end of the year, she finished as an All-Big 12 selection and totaled three top 10 showings, including two runner-up finishes.

Through the first two tournaments this year, she has finished 14th at the season-opening Dale McNamara Invitational and tied for 42nd at the Dick McGuire Invitational in Albuquerque, N.M.

“She has had ups and downs in her career, but she always seems to stay focused on the next tournament,” Gentile said. “Her success from last year should carry over to this year.”

Thammaraks said she believes her success has come from her knowledge of the sport and willingness to improve to continually reach the next level.

“I do my best at every tournament and still practice every day with the team,” Thammaraks said. “Every tournament is a new opportunity to improve.”

While her short career already has plenty of highlights, it is the three holes-in-one that are the most memorable to Thammaraks.

“Every hole-in-one has been the most memorable part while playing golf,” Thammaraks said. “Each one has been special to me, and I want to get some more.”

For Thammaraks, the next tournament on the schedule, the Windy City Classic, was the sight of her first second-place finish from a year ago.

“She knows she can do well there,” Gentile said. “It’ll be good for her to return, since last [tournament] wasn’t her best.”

The tie for 42nd in the last tournament was the lowest she had finished in a fall tournament.

Success at tournaments is something that Thammaraks has brought to the Cyclones in the past and something she hopes to continue to bring them in the future.

“I know I can play better, it was just one tournament,” Thammaraks said. “Going forward, I know I can continue to be successful at tournaments.”